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COAI's Perspective: Key Trends and Outlook

  • What are the emerging trends and opportunities in the telecom infrastructure segment?
  • How is the policy/regulatory landscape evolving? What are the future growth drivers?
  • What are the key infrastructure-related challenges faced by operators?
  • Infrastructure Needs and Challenges Emerging from the Growth in Data Demand
  • How are the telecom infrastructure needs changing with the exponential increase in data?
  • What are the key associated challenges? What are the best practices?
  • What is the likely impact of data growth on industry consolidation, tenancy models and investments?

Operators' Perspective

  • What is the operators’ perspective on the current state of telecom infrastructure?
  • What are the emerging strategies in light of the content-driven and data-led demand?
  • What are the infrastructure-related challenges? What are the expectations from infrastructure players?
Infrastructure Providers' Perspective
  • How are tower companies addressing the changing needs of the telecom market?
  • What opportunities have emerged with 4G network roll-outs and increased data demand?
  • What are the key issues faced by tower companies?

Spotlight on BharatNet

  • What has been the progress so far? What are the revised timelines and milestones?
  • What has been the implementation experience? What are the issues and challenges?
  • What opportunities does BharatNet offer to private players?

Focus on RoW policy

  • What are the key highlights of the new RoW policy?
  • What is its likely impact? To what extent will this policy address roll-out bottlenecks?
  • Which areas need more clarity?

Impact of GST on Telecom

  • What is the likely impact of GST on the telecom sector?
  • How is it likely to be implemented?
  • What are the key issues in its implementation?

Government Perspective on Telecom Opportunities under the Smart Cities Mission

  • What are the communication needs and requirements under the Smart Cities Mission?
  • What are the opportunities for telecom infrastructure providers?
  • What are the likely challenges? How can these be addressed?

Telecom Energy Management

  • What are the power requirements of the telecom sector?
  • What are the key energy-related issues and challenges faced by service providers?
  • What strategies can operators adopt to reduce energy costs? What are the most promising solutions?

Storage Solutions and Green Alternatives

  • What is the case for energy storage in telecom? What are the trending technologies?
  • What has been the experience in using renewables? What is the cost economics?
  • What are the best business models for adopting storage and renewable solutions in the telecom space?

Active Infrastructure Sharing

  • What is the likely impact of the spectrum sharing and trading norms on active infrastructure sharing?
  • What are the key factors impeding the growth of active infrastructure sharing in India?
  • What are the key learnings from global operators?

Emerging 4G Landscape

  • What is the current status of 4G adoption and its likely impact on infrastructure demand?
  • What is the likely spectrum requirement for meeting the growing data demand?
  • What are the key challenges? What steps and solutions are needed for optimising 3G/4G towers?
New Areas of Opportunities: IBS, Small Cells, Wi-Fi
  • What are the new areas of opportunities for infrastructure providers?
  • What is the outlook for solutions such as IBS and Wi-Fi?
  • What are the challenges in deploying these technologies? How can these be addressed
Analytics and Automation
  • What are the analytics and automation needs of today’s telecom players?
  • What is the cost-benefit analysis?
  • How can tower companies utilise these services for optimising asset management?
QoS Challenges and Solutions
  • What are the key concerns regarding telecom QoS, especially in light of the growing data needs?
  • What initiatives has the industry taken to arrest the increasing instances of call drops?
  • What measures are being taken to dispel concerns about EMF radiations?
Backhaul Infrastructure Needs
  • What are the backhaul-related challenges faced by operators?
  • What is the current microwave-fibre backhaul mix? What is the case for fiberisation?
  • What is the need and requirement for wireless backhaul? Which spectrum bands are best suited for the same?
Tower Design and Structures
  • What are the emerging tower design and material trends?
  • What are the cost implications of the new designs?
  • What are the key issues and challenges?
Global Experience
  • What has been the telecom infrastructure experience in regions like China and Africa?
  • What are the key lessons for Indian players?
  • What are the opportunities for them, if any?
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