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  • Legal disputes have been one of the primary reasons for time and cost overruns in infrastructure projects. Over Rs 1.5 trillion worth of infrastructure projects are stuck due to litigation at present.
  • There are legal disputes among almost all stakeholders. Developer versus concessioning authority. Government versus contractor. Operator versus regulator. Regulator versus government. Lender versus developer.
  • Despite this, the resolution process in India is quite time consuming and costly. As per the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Study, 2019, India takes around four years and 31 per cent of the claim value to resolve disputes.
  • The need for an effective dispute resolution process is increasing day by the day as more infrastructure projects are planned, developed and commissioned.
  • The government has become proactive and announced a number of initiatives. New laws are being enacted and existing ones being modified for speedier and effective resolution of disputes. Alternate dispute resolution (ADR) mechanisms are being promoted. Model concession agreements are being revisited and modified. Institutional capacity is being strengthened.
  • The mission of this conference is to analyse the developments in dispute resolution and arbitration in India, discuss their impact, highlight the key unresolved issues and examine the way forward. The conference will also offer a platform for different stakeholders to share their experience and exchange views and opinion.
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