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  • The Indian healthcare sector is going through challenging yet transformational times. Public expenditure on healthcare is only about 1.2-1.4% of the GDP. The target is to increase this to 2.5% by 2025.

  • Unmet demand for healthcare services offers huge potential. One of the most ambitious reforms, the National Health Protection Scheme aims to provide health coverage to about 500 million people. This requires significant enhancement of the healthcare infrastructure as well the quality of service delivery.

  • The private sector continues to play a dominant role in the sector with a share of about 70%.However, the private hospitals segment has been adversely impacted by the price cap on medical devices and implementation of GST.

  • Nonetheless,the investment scenario in the segment has evolved. Private equity interest in the sector has remained robust. Apart from large corporate hospitals and diagnostic chains, several single specialty formats have attracted the interest of PE/VC firms due to their asset-light nature and relative ease of scalability. Digitally-enabled healthcare delivery models are also gaining prominence and have attracted interest from investors, especially early stage funds.

  • Long gestation periods and high upfront costs have also led the private players to experiment with new business models and expand footprint to Tier II and III cities.The concept of healthcare PPPs, however has remained a slow-starter. While states such as Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Haryana have adopted the model for various health services, there is a dearth of evidence of successful healthcare PPPs across the country.

  • Meanwhile, technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud-based computing, virtual health, robotics, digital reality, IoMT will be key enablers in addressing accessibility and affordability issues of Indian healthcare.

  • In the years ahead, India will continue to enjoy the low-cost advantage in the medical tourism market. Development of medicities is another area which is gaining traction. Rising demand for services such as mHealth and telemedicine will continue to unfold opportunities for stakeholders across the board.

  • The mission of this conference is to highlight the emerging trends, identifythe challenges, analyse the impact of key policy and regulatory changes and identify the upcoming opportunities in the healthcare sector. The conference will also provide a platform to government stakeholders, private hospital developers, diagnostics and health insurance companies, healthcare start-ups and technology and digitalsolution providers to share their experience and exchange ideas.

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