Creating regional-level institutions for efficient and sustainable CBET in South Asia”

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Institutionalization of bodies and mechanisms can give a boost to sustainable cross border energy trade, which includes bilateral, trilateral and multilateral trade. While South Asia has Joint Working Groups and Joint Technical Team working under the Joint Steering Committee at the Ministerial level, sustainable associations are also needed at the technical/utility level to complement the policy level dialogues, in this area, for sharing of best practices and operational coordination, to enable CBET. These could be in the form of “Forum of Transmission Utilities” or “Forum of System Operators”, or “Forum of Energy Regulators”. A body “South Asia Forum for Infrastructure Regulation (SAFIR)”, already exists at the Regulatory level.


The first webinar, held on 1st September 2021, had policymakers and experts from BBINS countries discuss the various benefits of CBET; the key drivers and enabling factors towards trilateral and multilateral power trade; key issues and challenges to CBET, and how these could be addressed. More than 200 energy sector enthusiasts attended the webinar from across the globe.


We are hoping that, during the course of the discussion, the following questions will be addressed:


1) What role can regional-level institutions play in promoting efficient and sustainable CBET in South Asia?

2) What should be their key objective and responsibilities?

3) What has been the experience so far?

4)  What are the key issues and challenges? How can they be addressed?



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  • December 8, 2021 (Wednesday)
    03:00 PM - 04:30 PM
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