Live Video Webinar on “Accelerating Clean Energy Transition in South Asia”

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USAID’s South Asia Regional Initiative for Energy Integration (SARI/EI) program, currently being implemented by IRADe, is conducting a series of four webinars focused on the broad theme of “Accelerating Cross Border Energy Trade (CBET) to Transition towards an Energy Secure South Asia”, in partnership with Power Line, the leading energy magazine in South Asia.




South Asia has huge renewable energy potential which can facilitate the transition to clean energy, promote sustainable energy use and enhance energy security in the region. Renewable energy sources could meet the growing power demand in the region in a sustainable and affordable manner


SAs countries in the region advance their clean energy goals, CBET could serve as a tool to manage intermittent power from renewable energy sources, and also address the issue of disparity in the distribution of renewable energy sources in the region. It can play a pivotal role in achieving cost optimisation of clean energy through regional cooperation.


This webinar will focus on clean energy transition in South Asia and the role that regional cooperation will play in it. It will also deliberate on the issues and challenges related to managing RE sources, and how CBET can help address them.

We are hoping that, during the course of the discussion, the following questions will be addressed

1) What are the clean energy transition plans and targets of South Asian countries?

2) What has been experience so far in clean energy adoption? What are the biggest issues and challenges?

3) What are the steps being taken to manage intermittent RE generation?

4) What is the role of development agencies in accelerating clean energy transition?

5) What role can CBET play in clean energy transition in South Asia?


Who will join:

The webinar will have representation from policymakers, regulators, utilities, consultants, think tanks working in the energy sector in the region


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Kanan Kumar
Senior Vice President



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  • February 3, 2022 (Thursday)
    03:00 PM - 04:30 PM
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