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Captive Power in India (November 2019)

India Infrastructure Research has just launched the “Captive Power in India 2019” research report.


India Infrastructure Research has just launched the “Captive Power in India 2019” research report.

The report will provide a comprehensive analysis of the existing and upcoming captive power plants in India, including a database of more than 2,800 CPPs across various fuels (coal, gas, liquid fuels and renewables). It will also highlight the impact of recent policy developments that will help propel the sector in the next few years. In addition, the report will provide insights into the relevant aspects of the market in the current context such as tariff trends, open access policy and charges, costs, emission standards, grid reliability, and group captives.

The report will be divided into fifteen chapters:

  • Executive Summary
  • Size and Growth
  • Impact of Policy and Regulatory Developments
  • Analysis of Existing Captive Power
  • Capacity (ranging from 1 MW to over 100 MW)
  • Tariff Trends
  • Open Access Policy and Changes
  • Captive Power Capacity Projections
  • Focus on Renewable Power Based CPPs
  • Grid Power Reliability
  • Power Plant Cost Analysis
  • Fuel Outlook
  • Focus on Group Captives
  • Emission Standards for CPPs
  • Power Trading Options and Opportunities
  • Database of Existing Plants

The database will cover a comprehensive list of about 2,800 captive power plants with information on owner, capacity, location and fuel type. We will also be providing the contact details of captive power plants on a best-efforts basis.

Industries covered would include: Metals and Minerals; Cement; Petrochemicals and Refineries; Chemicals; Textiles; Engineering; Pulp and Paper; Fertilisers; Sugar; Institutional Users; Group Captive; etc.

The report is priced at Rs 75,000 (plus 18% GST) or USD 1770.

The report will be available in a PDF format along with a data-set (excel) and is expected to release in November 2019.


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