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Future of Solar O&M in India (September 2018)

India Infrastructure Research has released the “Future of Solar O&M in India 2018” research report.


India Infrastructure Research has released the "Future of Solar O&M in India 2018" research report.

The report will cover information on the following areas:

  • Market Size by Segment
  • O&M Evolution
  • Emerging Role of Energy Storage
  • Solar O&M Cost Trajectory (2012-18)
  • Cost Breakup Analysis
    • vehicles and logistics
    • equipment and tools
    • overheads, personnel/manpower, digital
  • Cost Projections (2019-24)
    • business model evolution and key cost considerations
    • impact of scale and impact of energy storage
    • future cost estimates
  • Emerging O&M Business Models
  • Terms of O&M Contracts
  • Grid Management by O&M Players
  • O&M Company Profiles (5-8 profiles of key O&M players in India)
  • Digitisation and Automation at Plant Level
    • emerging role, applications and use case for the following: manpower and material management, automated monitoring and big data analytics, Robotics, etc
    • growing role of artificial intelligence and machine learning applications
    • AI field assistants and predictive analytics
    • key technology providers
    • industry perspective (views of key personnel from the solar O&M industry and technology providers on the growing role of AI, robotics and data analytics)
  • Key Challenges, Best Practices and Case Studies
  • Projected O&M Market Size (from 2019-20 to 2024-25)

The report is priced at Rs 60,000 (plus 18% GST) or USD 1416 and is available in a PDF format.


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