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Logistics in India 2019 (June 2019)


India Infrastructure Research  has just launched the 2019 edition of “Logistics in India” research report.

The report will be divided into six sections with twenty three distinct chapters

Section I: Market Trends, Developments and Outlook

  • Sector Overview
  • Draft National Logistics Policy
  • GST: Impact, Benefits and Challenges
  • Market Outlook and Projections (2019-20 to 2023-2024)
  • Investment Experience

Section II: Freight Segment: Market Analysis and Opportunities

  • Railways
  • Roads
  • Ports, Coastal Shipping and IWT
  • Air Cargo
  • Express Logistics

(Each of the following chapters will include segment size and growth, policy and regulatory framework, key projects/programmes/Initiatives, planned capacity addition, upcoming projects and market opportunities, sector outlook and projections

Section III: Logistics Infrastructure: Market Analysis and Opportunities

  • Warehousing: Agricultural and Industrial
  • Logistics Parks and MMLPs
  • Free Trade Warehousing Zones
  • Cold and Liquid Storages
  • Container Freight Stations/ Inland Container Depots

(Each of the following chapters will include segment size and growth, policy framework, Government schemes and Initiatives, major players, key projections, upcoming projects and opportunity areas)

Section IV: Supply Chain Management: Market Analysis and Opportunities

  • Value Added Services
  • 3PL, 4PL and Reverse Logistics
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Inventory Management
  • Packaging and Labeling

(Each of the following chapters will cover market size and growth, recent Trends, demand drivers, major players, future outlook, demand projections)

Section V: Equipment and Technology: Market Analysis and Opportunities

  • Focus on Equipment (The chapter will cover logistics Hardware, storage equipment and warehouse equipment)
  • Emerging Technologies and Solutions

Section VI: Demand from User Industries

  • Key End-user Industries

(For each of the above industries will include size and growth, trends and developments, logistics needs and requirements, industry outlook and issues and challenges)

The monthly updates include summary of Key policy developments, recent announcements, Key government Initiatives/programmes, company announcements, project completions/awards, new projects and financial developments (PE Deals/Mergers and Acquisitions/IPOs)

The package is priced at Rs 1,00,000 (plus 18% GST).or USD 2,360.

The report will be available in a PDF format along with a comprehensive excel-based dataset and 11 monthly updates and is expected to release by June 2019.


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