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Storage Infrastructure in India 2020 (May 2020)


India Infrastructure Research has just launched Storage Infrastructure in India 2020 research report.

Storage Infrastructure in India 2020 research report will help you:
• Analyse the market trends, key developments and noteworthy initiatives
• Gain insights into the evolving storage needs and requirements of various industries
• Track the progress of upcoming projects Explore the available and upcoming
technologies and equipment
• Identify upcoming opportunities and growth avenues
• Understand the best practices and technology solutions being deployed across segments
• Support business planning and strategies

The report will focus on the following areas:

Section I: Capacity, Growth, Emerging Trends and Key Projections

• Segment Overview
• New Initiatives and Capacity Addition Plans
• Market Outlook and Projections (Till 2025-26) This section will also feature industry
opinion and perspective on the impact of covid-19 on storage infrastructure
• Investment Scenario

Section II: Storage Infrastructure: Segment Analysis, Opportunities and Projections
• Agricultural Warehousing
• Industrial Warehousing
• Cold Storages, Cold Chain and Reefer Containers
• Silo Storage
• Liquid Storage: Crude Oil and Petroleum
• Gas Storage: Domestic Gas and LNG

Section III: Key Customers: Evolving Storage Needs and Requirements
• Major Consumer Segments
• Focus on E-commerce and Third Party Logistics

The report is priced at Rs 75,000(plus GST). We are offering a special pre-publication early bird “20%” discount. The price is Rs 60,000(plus GST) for orders/payments received before or on April 30, 2020.

The report will be delivered to subscribers in a PDF format and is expected to release in May, 2020.


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