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Urban Rail in India 2020

India Infrastructure Research  has just released the “Urban Rail in India 2020” research report.


The 2020 edition of the report will help you to:

- Analyze the size and growth, market trends & key developments
- Assess the new growth areas & emerging opportunities
- Track the upcoming projects & new opportunities in the sector
- Gain insights on segment-wise opportunities & outlook for the sector
- Understand the risks & returns associated with urban rail projects
- Support business planning & strategy

The report will be divided into three sections with seventeen chapters (in addition to the executive summary):

Section I: Sector Analysis, Emerging Trends and New Opportunities

- Sector Snapshot
- Operational Network, Ridership & Revenue Analysis
- Metro Rail Policy, 2017 –Expected Amendments & Industry Recommendations
- Analysis of Project Pipeline
- Outlook, Opportunities & Key Projections (Till 2025-26)
- New Modes of Rail-based Mass Transit
- Growth Areas, Emerging Opportunities & New Revenue Sources
- Financing Scenario & Prospects for PPPs

Section II: Segment Analysis, New Developments And Opportunities (Till 2025-26)

- Rolling Stock
- Signalling, Train Control & Telecommunications
- Fare Collection & Ticketing Systems
- Construction – At Grade & Elevated Structures
- Construction – Metro Tunnels
- Traction and E&M
- Station Area Development & Inter-Modal Integration

Section III: Project Profiles*

- Operational and Under Construction Projects
- Upcoming Projects (Announced, Planned, Approved and Under Bidding Projects)
- Light Rail/Metrolite Projects
- MetroNeo Projects
- Monorail Projects

*Each profile will cover the project scope (network length, alignment details, number of stations, rolling stock, fare system, signalling and telecommunication, traction, etc.), ownership details, implementing agency, cost estimates, key consultants, key contractors, key milestones, funding pattern, expected ridership, recent contracts, upcoming tenders, current status, etc.

The report will be available in a PDF format along with a data-set (in excel format) and will be released in March 2020.


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