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Underground Cables Market In India (November 2018)

India Infrastructure Research  has released a special report on “Underground Cables Market in India 2018”.


India Infrastructure Research  is currently developing and will soon release a special report on “Underground Cables Market in India 2018”.

The report will have distinct chapters on the following topics:

  • Growth and Size of Existing T&D Networks
  • Projected T&D Network Additions
  • Projected Capex (till 2022-23)
  • Emerging Utility Requirements (T&D)
  • Major Projects Commissioned (T&D)
  • Major Projects Awarded/Under Construction (T&D)
  • Key Recent Tenders
  • Product and Technology Trends
  • Market Trends and Developments (JVs/Acquisitions/Partnership Deals)
  • Snapshot of Key Government Programmes (IPDS, Green Energy Corridors, State Government Initiatives, etc.)
  • Physical Targets for UG Cabling Works
  • Funding Availability for UG Cabling Projects
  • Opportunities under Smart Cities Mission
    • Physical Targets for UG Cabling Works
    • Projects under Construction/ Awarded
    • Proposed Projects
    • Etc
  • Growth Drivers for UG Cabling
    • Expected Demand for UG Cables
    • Plans and Targets of Utilities by Segment (T&D)
    • Etc
  • Leading Players
    • Each profile will cover information on key product offerings, existing manufacturing capacity, financial performance, future plans

The report is priced at Rs 50,000 (plus 18% GST) or USD 1180.

The report will be available in a PDF format and is expected to release in November 2018


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