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Cost of Power for Discoms & Industrial Users (December 2019)


India Infrastructure Research  has just released Cost of Power for Discoms and Industrial Users research report.

The report is divided into twelve chapters and provides a complete analysis of the cost of power marketplace with detailed insights into the costs from major sources (renewable energy, coal, natural gas, and hydropower) and resulting tariffs, as well as the procurement options for discoms and industrial users.

  • Power Sector Overview and Industry Structure
  • Long-term PPAs
  • Short-term/ Medium-term PPAs
  • Power Trading at Exchanges
  • Industrial Power Procurement
  • Cost of Wind and Solar Power
  • Cost of Coal-based Power
  • Cost of Natural Gas-based Power
  • Cost of Hydro-based Power
  • Peaking Power and Ancillary Services
  • SCED of ISGS
  • Outlook and future trends

The report is priced at Rs 55,000 (plus 18% GST) or USD 1298.

The report is available in a PDF format.



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