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Optic Fibre Cable Market in India 2020 (May 2020)


India Infrastructure Research has just launched the 3rd edition of Optic Fibre Cable Market in India 2020 research report.

Optic Fibre Cable Market in India 2020 research report will help you:
• Assess the OFC requirement and emerging opportunities
• Learn about the various policies/regulations governing OFC infrastructure development in India
• Understand the current demand-supply dynamics and key demand drivers
• Gauge the impact of key government and private sector initiatives
• Gather information on emerging business models, technologies, and deployment trends
• Identify major stakeholders, their current initiatives and future plans
• Gain outlook for OFC demand in India over the next few years

The report will focus on the following areas:

Section I: Market Analysis, Developments, New Projects and Opportunities
• Market Snapshot and Key Trends
• Impact of Policies and Regulations
• Emerging OFC Use Cases and Demand Drivers
• Demand and Supply Projections and Analysis

Section II: Growth Drivers- Key Consumer Segments and Requirements
• Telcos and Towercos
• Government Programmes
• Fixed Home Broadband Market
• Utilities- Power, Oil & Gas and Railways
• Other Key and Emerging Trends

Section III: Supply Chain Analysis- Production, Technology and Cost Trends
• Production Capacity Trends
• Cost and Technology Trends
• Key Supplier Profiles (Each profile will give an overview of the company’s operations, focus areas, current production capacity, manufacturing facilities, key projects and tender, financial performance, capex and expansion plans)

The report is priced at Rs 60,000(plus GST) USD 1416. We are offering a special pre-publication early bird “20%” discount. The price is Rs 48,000(plus GST) USD 1132 for orders/payments received before or on March 31, 2020.

The report will be delivered to subscribers in a PDF format and is expected to release in May, 2020.


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